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Christopher Pelant head shot

A born and raised Southern California Native, Christopher has just recently relocated to Knoxville, bringing a diverse resume with many interlacing skill sets. Currently, he directs Smarter Searches’ business development and overall company message. As director of business development he oversees media and video production, speech, blog & Web site content creation, speaking engagements and client management.

When Christopher isn’t working he is spending time with family or working on his newest movie project. To get the best of both worlds, this may include pulling the family into his latest movie-making endeavor.

Fun fact: I once starred in a Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial with Tim McGraw, as the friend who brings along his annoying “MotorMouth” Uncle. Just Google ‘Motormouth Budweiser Commercial’.
Favorite social media: YouTube. I know it is not always considered social media. However, as my favorite medium is videos – I love to post, share and watch. YouTube is the best place for that.
Where can we find you when you’re not working? Historically, when I am not working, you would find me at a Southern California beach. Without the beach readily available, I am desperately trying to replace it with the lake. Regardless, as a former USA National Champion Swimmer, I love to be in the water.
What would be impossible to give up? Movie & TV Watching; Swimming; Chocolate Chip Cookies; Bacon. Anyone who knows me, knows I love movies (and good TV). As explained above, swimming is necessary. As far as chocolate chip cookies and bacon- who doesn’t love those?!
What’s the one problem you are best at solving for your clients? Creating consistent, clear content. After all, each company has a story to tell. I like to listen to the client and have them explain what message they are trying to convey to the outside world. Then I help ensure that the message is engaging across all of their content – websites, media, posts, promotions, blogging, and video.
What excites you about your work and the contribution you make? I get to help shape outgoing communication to the rest of the world for Smarter Searches and for our clients. This means I get to contribute to our company’s growth and our clients’ needs, simultaneously. That’s exciting.

– christopher’s bragging rights –


  • Winner, Bronze Addy in video production, The Cat Photo
  • Committee, AAF Knoxville Addy Awards
  • Certified, Google AdWords – Search