Where Student Loans Aren’t a Source of Stress

National student loan refinancing company ELFI asked us to help revise their existing online presence through a total redesign of their website. Our strategy? Engaging the older millennial target by appealing to their goals for financial independence, flexibility, and the modern American dream, all while focusing on the brand’s core values.

Project Overview

ELFI knows that college grads have worked hard to obtain their degrees, and ELFI’s mission is to help them lower the costs of that education and make the payments far less complex. Many graduates have several student loans owed to both the Federal Government and private lenders. ELFI’s innovative student loan refinancing solutions help by reducing monthly payments immediately or by saving on interest throughout the life of the loan. Regardless of the situation, it allows customers to make one simple payment for one single loan that has consolidated ALL of their outstanding education loans.

By focusing on an aspirational message, rather than one of “student loan struggles” – which floods the market for student loan refinancing – we allow users to customize their own path to financial freedom. Visitors not only were able to learn about the program, but could test drive their monthly payments through a custom-built calculator. The calculator allowed users to enter their current monthly payment information and visualize all the ELFI loan packages at once, without having to manually enter different options.

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About the Website

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Our company wanted ELFI’s website to be fresh, unique and appealing. There is a lot of competition in the market, but all of it focuses heavily on the burden of student loans, the despair a person feels because of their student loans. ELFI’s approach is the complete opposite – student loans aren’t a burden; but imagine what you could do if you were able to customize your loan repayment strategy and free up money each month. What then could you do?

We used images, colors, and custom graphics to anchor the site with their established branding and a youthful, fun series of images to appeal to the average customer of theirs, which we determined after careful study of user behavior on their site and detailed analysis of their customer base.

Because the key in student loan refinancing is demystifying the process, we wanted to focus on making sure that site visitors were able to carefully see what types of rates they could expect, what those payments would look like, and how much they could save. As a result, we built custom pricing tables and a from-scratch, custom calculator. We started with an Excel spreadsheet of calculus formulas and used that to create a calculator that allowed site visitors to see, in real time, how a refinanced loan would compare to their current loan, including estimates for monthly savings and lifetime savings.

Website Features

Branded Landing Pages for Partners

Active, Relevant Blog Content

Social Media Integration

Fully Responsive

Custom Built Loan Calculator

Custom Filtered Images

Custom Styling of Buttons and Fonts

Fresh, New Content

Animated Content Blocks and Custom Buttons

Custom Student Loan Calculator

The custom calculator is something completely unique to ELFI.com. Users are able to enter their current student loan amounts, their current monthly payments, and either their interest rate or remaining terms on their loans. The calculator then will figure out new monthly payments, monthly savings, and lifetime savings at each loan rate they offer for fixed and variable amounts. This allows users to see what loan makes the most sense for their unique situation. Do they want to lower their monthly payments? Do they want to pay them off as quickly as possible? Do they want to save on their interest rates? This calculator makes it easy to see what that looks like in real time.