Homes for Heroes Banner Ads

On a normal day, we value heroism because it is uncommon. However, true heroism is remarkably undramatic. Everyday heroes aren’t defined by superhuman acts of strength or remarkable acts of bravery. Everyday heroes are simply driven by an overwhelming urge to serve others regardless of the cost. Homes for Heroes is the largest nationwide network of affiliate real estate specialists that is committed to providing easy ways for hometown heroes to save on a home and home-related purchases.

Project Overview

Homes for Heroes Banner Ads

Established after the devastating events of 9/11, Homes for Heroes is dedicated to helping real-life heroes save on the purchase of a home. On average, these heroes and their families save over $1,500 when buying a home, and they can earn rewards when selling or refinancing their homes as well. Since its inception in 2002, over $10 million has been given back to more than 10,000 local heroes including current and former firefighters, law enforcement, military personnel, healthcare workers, emergency medical services and teachers. To qualify, a Hero simply needs to enroll in the program through a local real estate professional and then buy, sell or refinance their house. No red tape, no hidden fees, no catch.

The lack of red tape, a catch, and hidden fees actually proved to be our biggest challenge with the program. No one trusts a deal that is fundamentally “too good to be true.” It really is a simple program that’s meant to reward hometown heroes, and with that thought in mind, we wanted to ensure our ads demonstrated the primary goal of making home ownership, a crucial part of the American dream, and therefore, more achievable for these heroic members of our community.



The Design Process

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  • We selected strong images that were clear, diverse, and positive. In some instances we chose to focus on faces, and in others we opted for symbolic demonstrations of our heroes so that we could conduct tests based on ad performance over time.
  • We chose an overarching color scheme of red, white, navy, and light blue to align with the logo and branding of Homes for Heroes – vibrant colors to ensure the message stood out.
  • We created ads featuring teachers, military personnel, police officers, doctors, and nurses to appeal to each of our distinct target personas.
  • We went with a large, bold typeface to be the main focus of the ad and clearly express the main idea of the program — that real heroes can enjoy real rewards as a way of thanking them for their service. This also allowed for easy transitions between banner ad sizes and clear legibility regardless of device or ad location.
  • A “Learn More” button was added to encourage click activity.

The Results



This particular campaign performed 200% better than the national average in terms of click through rate on banner ads.


This campaign had click through rates that were 25% higher than the national average for all real estate banner ads.


Compared to the vertical average for real estate banner ads, our campaign cost per click was 20.45% lower than the average.

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