James Freeman Interiors & Gifts

Project Overview

James Freeman Interiors & Gifts is located in downtown Knoxville, Tennessee. James Freeman specializes in elegant, timeless pieces that are handpicked by the company’s knowledgeable staff. The focus at James Freeman is to take care of every detail for the customers. Upon calling for the help of the Smarter Searches staff, James Freeman Interiors and Gifts was brand new and was in need of a website, social media presence, and online voice – from scratch. We created a website for the client with strong, keyword-targeted content, in order to help James Freeman rank in search results. In addition, our team created a strong social media for the client with target posts and creative content, as well as social media presence consulting. The website we created felt authentic to the store, was filled with beautiful photography, in a clean layout, with easy navigation, and good visibility in the search engines. We also built up a Facebook presence, quickly growing their social voice by several hundred likes organically and authentically within a month.

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