Project Overview

“Opera offers such deep sensations that they will remain in a heart for a lifetime.” – Andrea Bocelli

Our goal in creating the new Knoxville Opera website was to convey an exceptionally authentic continuation of the sense of drama you get while experiencing an opera. In every step, we focused on what makes opera so captivating and encapsulating to the audience- the performances. We then implemented large, dramatic images, along with elegant and bold typography, and a color scheme that lends a nod to the antique beauty of the Tennessee Theatre.

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If at first you don’t succeed, try again. This was our predicament with the redesign of the Knoxville Opera website. In our first redesign iteration, we went with a dark, rich design that was a bit gothic and filled with ornamentation. However, as we delved deeper into the design process, we began to wonder if the new site matched the worldly sophistication and class that the opera imparts on its visitors. Ultimately, it was decided that it did not. So, we scrapped our design and went in an entirely new direction.

We put the focus on bigger images, and bringing the opera to the forefront, rather than cluttering the pages with grandiose design elements and wild typography. The end result was infinitely more successful, and allowed the work of the Knoxville Opera to speak – ahem, or sing – for itself.

To complete the design, we chose a faded damask background with gold and silver accents, and put a focus on capturing the excitement of the Knoxville Opera’s most memorable performances. Text blocks and breaks in the content with featured performances and quotes help move you down the page in a more interactive and experiential format. We wanted the user to feel like they were at the opera. Experience the drama at the Knoxville Opera.

  • Responsive Website
  • Custom Page Title Images
  • Unique Image Layouts to Draw Visual Interest
  • Alternating Content Blocks to Avoid Over-long Paragraphs
  • Quick Load Time
  • Consistently Styled Buttons
  • Dramatic Typography and Custom Quote Blocks
  • More than 40 Pages of Fully Edited and Optimized Content