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Mara has always had a love for graphic design, writing, and all things creative. After years of thinking she was going to grow up to be a nurse (what?), her itch for creativity ultimately took over and led her to pursue a degree in advertising at The University of Tennessee. After many courses and internships spanning the different facets of field, Mara found a home in the digital marketing world. She strongly believes in the power of internet marketing and is fascinated by how it can transform brands.

As the Digital Marketing Coordinator at Smarter Searches, Mara is responsible for everything from managing multiple social media accounts for a variety of clients to writing blog posts with strategically-placed keywords. She also has her hands in various graphic design projects and enjoys soaking in as much SEO knowledge as possible from Courtney and Chris. When she isn’t in the office, you’ll find Mara spending time with loved ones, hanging out with friends, or just watching some Netflix. She’s also an avid live music enthusiast and loves catching a local show in Knoxville or spending weekends at music festivals.

– mara’s bragging rights –


  • Hootsuite Certified
  • Addy Award Winning Graphic Designer (she even won an Addy while still a student)
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How many cups of coffee do you drink each day? 0
Favorite restaurant in Knoxville: Nama
Favorite musical artist: My favorite artist changes every week! Right now, it’s probably Kings of Leon. I’m loving their new album.
Pets? 2 fluffball Shih-Tzus
Favorite book/author/genre/series: Harry Potter of course!
States/countries you’ve LIVED in: Tennessee
Sports team: VOLS BABY
Favorite food: Strawberries
Beverage of choice: Water lol
Favorite movie, TV show, etc.: My favorite shows are New Girl and Parks and Rec!
Favorite place to vacation: The beach. Any beach.
Weird fact about you: I can wiggle my ears and nose. Haha
House you’d be sorted into in Harry Potter: Hufflepuff
Hobby: Going to see live music
3 items you’d take to a deserted island: Hammock, knife, and one of those flashlights that can start a fire. Just trying to survive out here.
Person, living or dead, you’d most like to have coffee with: My grandddad