…That alerts you to social media notifications.

A dog, robot, and social media, all rolled into one sweet little package?! Why yes, it is a great time to be alive!

If you’re ready to be on the very pulse of social media interactions — in a way that you might actually enjoy — then we’d like to introduce you to Soshee (short for “social”), the 4.5-inch tall, 10 ounce, palm-sized social media robot dog that sits, turns its head, barks, wags its tail, and walks a few steps…all to connect you with your social media alerts and notifications via Bluetooth and a paired phone. Want to know when you get a new Facebook like or reaction? Soshee can alert you with a small bark. Twitching to receive an alert for a new tweet or an Instagram like? Keep your eyes peeled for Soshee’s next reaction — maybe she’ll wag her tail or sit down. It’s really up to you, for Soshee’s actions and what they mean are 100% configurable by you — just as long as they fit within the 12 addressable actions available. That means you’ll know exactly what Soshee’s actions — or combination of actions — mean. Another great trick? Soshee can play back audio files you have on your phone. Unfortunately she cannot, however, alert users to incoming texts or calls, and she doesn’t react to touch or sound.

Soshee is the latest invention of Jason Buzi, who enlisted the help of John Nolan, a designer and animatronics master — whose work we’ve all seen in Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean, to name a couple — to make the first life-like, miniature robot dog that’s fully integrated with some of our favorite social media platforms — Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It’s currently raising funds via Kickstarter, but will later be available for around $169 in black, white, and brown — the colors of its inspiration breed, the Hungarian Pulis.

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If you’re looking for the perfect desk accessory that also serves a fun, social media function, look no further than Soshee, the social media robot dog. However, if you’re looking for a best friend to cuddle with, play with, or love you back, we suggest checking out your local animal shelter.

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