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Have a problem? We want to solve it. Our in-house experts have a wide range of specializations, from design to content to advertising and so much more. Smarter Searches has the ability to perform analyses and make recommendations on a wide range of topics. Our consultations are custom-fit to each client so we can determine the most effective solutions for your company.

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Whether you need a few sets of eyes on your website to analyze your user experience or are looking for help with the creation of a digital marketing plan that includes content marketing, email, and more, we have the skills and the tools to help you meet your goals.


The most important thing to consider when building a Web site is not the search engines, it’s not which content management system to use, it’s not whether to choose stock photography or hire a photographer. The most important consideration is user experience – how your customer interacts with the Web site and how your site impacts a person’s behaviors, attitudes, and emotions. User Experience is a vitally important, alarmingly under-appreciated science and art that we take very seriously. From analyzing how fonts, colors, white space, imagery, layout, navigation, and content interact to the intangible response customers have to your site on the whole, our UX and usability experts will identify the strong and weak points of your site, helping you streamline customer behaviors, increase conversions, and walk you through the redesign process.


If you had a web site for your small business ten years ago, you were doing well. Having a web site now is no longer enough. A web site has to be effective, user-friendly, crawlable by the search spiders, and it has to be a mechanism to drive sales, branding, and customer interaction. There are so many web sites that fail to meet these criteria but don’t know how or where to begin improving upon it.By using eye-tracking research, tracking codes, varied testing methodologies, and creating informed, dynamic content, combined with our extensive experience in consulting on web sites with companies of all sizes, we can take your existing web site and add significant value. We don’t build web sites, nor will we ask you to spend the money on a new one, but we take what you have and make it more effective and more efficient to you and your customers. We are not web developers, but we know what customers and the search algorithms are looking for. Sites need to be exciting but not distracting. User-friendly but not boring. Search engine optimized but engaging.


Whether it’s negotiating with your vendor, helping you choose a vendor, creating an email strategy, analyzing metrics like open rates, split testing landing pages, or testing headlines, we can help you navigate the cluttered landscape of email marketing in today’s world. We follow strict anti-spam procedures and are familiar with the interface of all the most popular email service providers.


Never underestimate the importance of your web site data. Too many web sites ignore the wealth of information available through analytics tools – many of which are free. We can help you analyze the data to make actionable changes that make your web site more effective, more engaging, and more profitable.


Sometimes a fresh set of eyes are all that is necessary to affect the language and the efficacy of your site and internet marketing materials. Let us assess the language you are using in your online branding attempts to try to make a stronger impact on your customers. Whether you need multiple pages, blog posts, or articles of new content or just want something edited for grammar, content, or marketing intent, we can help.


There are tons of companies that offer some range of reputation management services, but they seldom approach things from the right perspective – the issue that caused negative reviews to become a problem in the first place: lack of a plan. Lack of a plan for generating reviews, responding to reviews, crafting an experience that lends itself to a review in the first place. We identify your review sources and undertake a thorough analysis in sentiment, social media customer service, and opportunities for growth – giving you an action plan for improving your online reputation.

We deliver detailed analysis, consultation reports, and more that are clear, concise, and easy to understand with actionable recommendations, giving you the tools to implement the recommendations.

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We understand that digital marketing can be confusing and overwhelming. Which is why we help you choose your products with care so that they meet your needs and help you connect with your audience effectively AND affordably.

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