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The more people like your site, the longer they’ll stay. The longer people stay on your site, the more likely they are to click and spend. Your web site should be a digital representation of your business, and should convey a seamless transition between your online and offline channels. We want your business to look like, sound like and feel like your business, even in cyberspace.

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When you choose the right web design company, your website transcends the digital space and becomes more than a site – it becomes an experience. Our basis as a marketing agency focuses around creating useful, creative, beautifully packaged content, so that remains our focus when we build or work on any web site.

When you look to Smarter Searches for a Smarter web site, you get more than a web site. What you get is full search engine optimization, social media integration, content management integration, and a holistic optimization of web presence. You get a seamless embodiment of your business, whether it is as a brick and mortar retail store, as a service professional, or something else entirely. We create and promote Web sites that function as an interactive, online sales tool that you’re proud to send your customers to.

Plan & Research

Our team gets together and brainstorms the look and feel of your site, including fonts, colors, logos, image choices and content. We think about what your customers are looking for, how we can optimize their experience, and make sure everything works – every time.

Design & Create

We organize the structure of your site from navigation to sliders to layout to content. We create any missing content and begin implementing our master plans to create a beautiful, functional, and most of all – EFFECTIVE site.

Test & Implement

Our sites are all responsive and viewable on mobile devices and tablets; they also function in all browsers – we make sure of it! We test our sites, run it by our clients for approval, and continue to test the site for optimal conversion performance.

Support & Optimize

The way our payment structure works is that we are paid 50% down and 50% when our client is happy. Not when we think we’re done, but when the client has officially signed off on the work we’ve done and feels confident that the site we built is an accurate reflection of their business. We’re that confident that you’ll like the finished product.

Is your website thinking smarter, working smarter, and looking smarter?

Our Portfolio

We understand that digital marketing can be confusing and overwhelming. Which is why we help you choose your products with care so that they meet your needs and help you connect with your audience effectively AND affordably.

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