Project Overview

Standard Kitchen & Bath is a family owned business that has been serving the Knoxville community and East Tennessee since 1956. Standard Kitchen & Bath provides high quality kitchen and bathroom renovations, as well as design and remodeling services. They also offer a wide variety of cabinetry lines, counter tops, and more. Standard Kitchen & Bath was having trouble getting noticed online and because the company lacked internet visibility, it was experiencing some difficulty attracting and retaining customers. Standard Kitchen & Bath wanted to increase its digital footprint, and so it called upon Smarter Searches for help.

We began running aggressive pay per click advertising campaigns in order to get Standard Kitchen & Bath in front of its desired audiences. This practice, paired with increased SEO on the client’s website ensured that the company would be found online, by the right customers, at the right time, and that they would stay on the site upon finding the information they needed.

Upon completion of the initial PPC and SEO campaigns, we found that organic traffic to the client’s website had increased 30% within 90 days, and achieved sustained growth month-over-month by creating a PPC campaign that drives hundreds of new visitors each month and a bounce rate lower than the site average.

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