Project Overview

How We Increased a Consulting Firm’s Organic Traffic by 647%.

Our client, Strategic Consulting Solutions, is a B2B consulting company, much of whose content is vastly informational, text-heavy, and – frankly – pretty dry to an average blog post reader. In order to help SCS increase its organic search results, we began blogging for the company – focusing on highly useful, informative content – and driving a social sharing strategy with their new content, in addition to making multiple on-page changes.  On this site, you aren’t going to find any buzzfeed-worthy posts with a list of “42 Reasons You Are Actually Pizza,” or anything remotely similar. Though it might not be the most entertaining blog of all time, for SCS and its customers, the blogs were incredibly useful, provided significant value to the user, and, more importantly, were highly effective. Check out our results to find out why.

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Our SEO Strategy

Our Results

Our client, Strategic Consulting Solutions serves in various capacities with both large and small government contracting and commercial companies. A few years ago, the company was in search of a local, hands-on digital marketing agency that could help it show up in the search results online. In other words, it needed help tackling and improving its organic search ranking.

That’s where we came in.

It is because of the nature of the company and its work that this blog posed a challenge. In order to effectively support the brand of Strategic Consulting Solutions, our agency had to create a way to efficiently inform readers about SCS and its services, while making the blogs easy to read and understand, thus hoping people would actually read them. Well, as it turns out, they did read them.

And, we owe all of these results to the search engine optimization strategy that was fulfilled by on-brand blogging, cross-platform sharing of the blog posts, and a heavy focus on quality content over quantity.

Between April 2014 and December 2015:

  • Organic sessions (sessions resulting from search engine queries) increased by more than 647%
  • Sessions (the period of time a user is actively engaged with a website during a specified time range) increased by more than 328%
  • Users (visitors to the site) increased 115%
  • Page views increased by more than 190%
  • The client’s keyword position distribution increased from three keywords on the first of Google – to more than 41 first page results
  • Optimization of existing content allowed for revitalization and re-sharing of previously created content

*metrics are from gShiftLabs and Google Analytics

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