SEO link building is extremely important - find out what links are, what purpose they serve, and ways that you can add useful links to your website and boost your SEO efforts in an entirely white-hat, legal way.

In SEO, the word “link” gets thrown around a lot. Backlinking, internal and external links, and no-follow links are all commonly said when describing link building. But what exactly is link-building and why is it important to your website? Links play a big role in determining how well your site will rank in the search…

Link building is so important in SEO, but good, true white hat SEO is all about building great quality links. Links are a suggestion from the owner of the page you’re on to visit another with more or better information. The value of link building from an SEO perspective comes from others telling Google (through links) that the page on your site that they are linking to is valuable, authoritative, or useful to their audience. The goal of link building or link building campaigns should be to increase traffic to your site. The added Google value is a bonus. Until SEOs and companies understand that the user’s experience is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing to focus on, link building campaigns will fail and the ongoing algorithmic updates will ensure that black hat SEO will be punished.

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