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3 Goals All Internet Marketing Campaigns Should Have: Part 1

There are 3 goals that all internet marketing campaigns should have in mind before beginning: cohesive strategy, effective branding, and maintaining your business identity.  This will be a series in three parts as each goal is important in its own way.

Part 1: Cohesive Strategy

Effective digital strategy comes from your customers, not from a team of suit-wearing marketing professionals taking a 50% (or more) management fee and not from salespeople who aren’t certified to work on internet accounts.  It also doesn’t come from a template of industry-standard keywords or stock ad copy.  The innovation of SEM platforms has been fantastic for managing keyword lists for companies with hundreds of thousands of keywords, ad copy variations, and across multiple search engines. However, 99.7% of companies have fewer than 500 employees and, ultimately, considerably smaller keyword lists.  This has led to the over-templating of SEM campaigns – oversimplification, ad copy lacking in quality or unique content, poor demographic segmentation.  As a result, there is no cohesive strategy between online and offline marketing channels.

Conventional marketing is reactive – digital marketing is proactive.  Print, TV, direct marketing, and more traditional methods react to changes in the marketplace.  Digital marketing is real time and can be shaped and reshaped, quickly and affordably, to not only respond, but anticipate what is happening globally and within your community.  When campaigns are pulled from stock templates, they can’t possibly match up to marketing campaigns in other channels.  The purpose of internet marketing is to expand a business’s voice from the marketplace to the internet in order to achieve certain goals.  Furthermore, goals vary significantly from one business to another, whether the goal is lead generation, branding, sales, or newsletter growth, and when the various online marketing platforms are in use, you have to maintain cohesion among them.  Otherwise, you end up in situations where the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing and marketing dollars are wasted.

Maintaining cohesive strategy between online and offline and well as within various online media (SEM, SEO, social, and email, for instance) is imperative in creating successful campaigns and should always be considered as a part of your internet marketing campaigns.