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3 Goals All Internet Marketing Campaigns Should Have: Part 2

There are 3 goals that all internet marketing campaigns should have in mind before beginning: cohesive strategy, effective branding, and maintaining your business identity.  This will be a series in three parts as each goal is important in its own way.

Part 2: Effective Branding

There’s a process in TV commercials called “sweetening” that increases the decibel level of commercials to the loudest level of the program you’re watching.  This means that the commercial that’s screaming at you is as loud as the explosion on the TV show you’re watching, not the dialogue.  Mostly, it’s a point of frustration for consumers (and a boon for the DVR), but people do take notice of those always loud, occasionally obnoxious commercials.

Branding doesn’t have to be about screaming at your customer until they pay attention or remember.  It’s first and foremost about engagement.  When people are plugged into their brands and engaged in dialogue, you don’t have to scream to be heard.  Screaming once isn’t as effective as causing an echo.

Social media can be incredibly effective at stimulating engagement and dialogue, when done properly.  The average Facebook user creates 90 pieces of content per month, 100,000 videos are uploaded to YouTube every day, 24% of Twitter users check Twitter multiple times a day.  Customers are using social media and they use it to connect with brands.  If your brand isn’t actively engaging in social media – and I do mean actively instead of passively – you are missing out on a wealth of branding opportunities, opportunities to make an echo.