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3 Goals All Internet Marketing Campaigns Should Have – Part 3

There are 3 goals that all internet marketing campaigns should have in mind before beginning: cohesive strategy, effective branding, and maintaining your business identity.  This will be a series in three parts as each goal is important in its own way.

Part 3 – Maintaining Your Business Identity

People live online these days.  They bank online, make phone calls and communicate online, make appointments, shop, and so much more.  So while print, TV, and other traditional media aren’t quite enough for most businesses these days, it’s easy to get lost in the web, especially as people rely on mobile phones, tablets, and other devices.  The things that make the web great can also make it confusing.  Maintaining a cutting edge strategy amidst the ever-changing digital landscape is incredibly challenging especially when you try to stay true to who you are as a business.  The end result, however, is incredibly worthwhile.

Your message isn’t as functional with disparate messaging or uneven levels of engagement, as it is when it maintains your unique business identity.  It is all too common – in a company’s attempt to be edgy, they use a form of messaging or branding that doesn’t work with their existing customer base or their reputation.  Sometimes this works well and pays off in a tremendous way.  You should absolutely take risks with your marketing plans.

However, if it falls flat, you can end up alienating exiting customers.  Use what makes you special and what works with your own brand’s identity to craft your message.  You always need to be consistent in messaging, brand effectively, and maintain your brand’s identity when undertaking an internet marketing campaign.  Following these objectives allows you to maintain relationships with fans and followers – your brand ambassadors – but will allow you to recruit, find, and connect with new customers.