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3 Simple Ways to Become a Better Writer

Writing is a valuable skill that we use almost every day and it’s necessary to have throughout your life. Whether you’re crafting an email, drafting a blog post, or write as a part of your daily job, we all could benefit from becoming better writers. Follow the tips below to improve your writing skills and become a better writer today!

Know Your Topic and Your Audience

While this may be a seemingly obvious title, staying mindful of both your topic and the audience you’re writing to will significantly improve your writing. Always do any necessary research on your topic prior to actually writing. If you’re finding that you’re having to continuously stop and look up supporting facts, your writing is not going to flow well and may appear choppy. Just as important as your topic is understanding who you’re writing to. Pay attention to your audience’s demographic and psychographics as well as how much they know about the topic. This will ensure you don’t come across as too condescending or simplified in your writing. It will also ensure that you’re using the right tone and voice to play to your audience.

Create an Outline

Always develop an outline prior to beginning any writing. Even if it’s just a couple hundred words (like this blog!), having a plan about what you want to say and how you want to say it goes a long way in making your writing sound more cohesive. Outlines are also great for initially organizing your ideas and can help you identify any areas that may sound redundant or sections of writing where you may need to elaborate more.

Read Your Work Out Loud

Reading your own writing out loud is a great way to find any mistakes that you may have overlooked with just a quick skim of the eyes. When we read out loud, we also find any words, phrases, or sentences that seem out of place and need to be edited or removed. This technique can also help you ensure that your written work has a nice storytelling sound to it.

Writing is an essential skill to have and making an effort to improve your own writing is a worthy investment to make. In addition to using these tips, be sure to consistently practice to become even better. And don’t forget to use Grammarly! At Smarter Searches, we always use it – it can help us catch that pesky comma or items we may have overlooked. If you put all of these tips to the test, we’re sure you’ll become a better writer in no time. If you still need help, reach out to us – we write SEO-friendly blog posts, press releases, email newsletters and blasts, social media posts and ads, and so much more.

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