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4 Black Friday Marketing Tips to Increase Customer Engagement

Black Friday was originally the day after Thanksgiving in which many stores would offer discounts and deals on their products and services. However, in recent years, Black “Friday” has really become an extended weekend starting on Thanksgiving Day and ending on Cyber Monday. According to Finder, the average American spends $483.18 on Black Friday shopping, so it is crucial as a business owner to get your customers engaged. Take a look at some of the tips we’ve listed on how to have a successful Black Friday weekend.

  • Give your customers a preview

Shopping on Black Friday is, in short, a frenzy. It is easy to miss great deals just because of the chaos, so it’s very important to give your customers a preview of what will be on sale and what discount promotions will be in effect. This should be done a couple of weeks before Black Friday to start creating a “buzz” among your customers and the media. If shoppers know what to expect from you, they can make their shopping plans accordingly.

  • Extend your sale

Even if your business doesn’t operate online, you should always extend your Black Friday sales through Cyber Monday. Americans are becoming conditioned to believe that Black Friday is a weekend, not just a day. Because of this, many people avoid the Friday crowds and do their shopping over the course of the weekend. 

  • Create interactive savings

These savings can be executed online, through snail mail, or even in your store. Examples of interactive savings are scratch-off coupons, free gift or coupon games like a “wheel of savings,” or extra savings to customers who tag your business on a social post. These will help you stand out among competitors and get your customers excited and engaged with your sales. 

  • Promote yourself on digital and social often

Repetition is key in getting potential customers to notice and/or engage with your brand. During the Black Friday advertising season, media platforms become very saturated and overcrowded with promotional ads and posts, so try not to get left in the dust of your competitors. Create a post every day, at least once a day, that either features a coupon or a product that will be discounted throughout the weekend to ensure you stand out among the crowd. 

Black Friday can be a hectic time as a marketer or business owner, so planning ahead is crucial. If you follow these tips and successfully execute the weekend, all of your hard work will be worth it when you see the spike in your revenue! Black Friday is just a few weeks away, so if you haven’t started thinking about your strategy yet, let us help. We can get your plan together in no time. Send us an email today.