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5 Free Digital Marketing Tools We Cannot Live Without

As a digital marketing agency, we use online apps and tools every single day. From scheduling meetings and team events to internal communication and project management, we have a go-to tool for just about everything we do — including content marketing. Today, we’re sharing our top five online content marketing tools that make our lives a million times easier (plus, they’re all FREE!).


  • Canva


We are not exaggerating when we say we use Canva every single day. If you don’t know what Canva is, it’s an online graphic design platform that allows you to create almost any visual content piece your heart desires. You can use their pre-made templates to create simple graphics for social media, impactful infographics, custom presentations, flyers, and more. It’s also incredibly user-friendly — no graphic design experience is necessary. Click here to learn more about Canva and start creating your own content marketing pieces.


  • Adobe Spark


If you’re a marketer or a content marketing-savvy business owner, you know that video content is king right now. You see awesome, eye-catching videos all over social media these days…but how are these people creating them? Well, here at Smarter Searches, our designers love Adobe products — and Adobe’s brand-new video creation platform is no exception. It’s super simple to create engaging animated graphics and video stories that can help you boost your social media presence to the next level. Check out Adobe Spark here.


  • LightRoom CC for Mobile


After testing out several photo editing platforms over the years, LightRoom has emerged as our favorite. It can be extremely difficult to refine an aesthetic on Instagram. We’re not afraid to admit that we’ve struggled a bit with this on our own Instagram page — but LightRoom has been our saving grace. Pro tip: Once you’ve downloaded the app, get on Etsy and search for LightRoom Mobile presets. These are professionally-made filters for LightRoom that you can purchase and upload in the app and apply them to your photos with just a few taps! This way, all of your Instagram photos will have the same filter.


  • Grammarly


Our team worked without this handy little browser extension for YEARS and now we have no idea how we survived without it. We’ll let you in on a secret — yeah, your computer is supposed to spell-check things for you…but the truth is, it misses A LOT of mistakes. You need Grammarly to pick up the slack and catch the typos spell-check doesn’t. Avoid embarrassing and unprofessional mistakes in emails and download Grammarly today!


  • Hootsuite


This is the platform we use to schedule all of our social media posts (for Smarter Searches, as well as our clients). It’s free as long as you stay below a certain number of social media accounts.  This way, many small business owners can take advantage of scheduling posts ahead of time without incurring a cost. If you’re not already scheduling your posts ahead of time, Hootsuite can be an incredible time-saver. Get more information on how Hootsuite can help you.

Where Would Digital Marketers Be Without Their Tools?

It would be a whole lot harder for us to get our everyday tasks done without these tools. They’re all free and easy-to-use, so why not use them? If you’ve tried any of these tools, tell us what you think of them!

What’s your favorite online marketing tool or app? Let us know in the comments!