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AAF Presentation: Converged Media

Converged Media is the crux of what we do at Smarter Searches and Courtney recently spoke to the AAF chapter in Knoxville about it.

In her speech titled, “Converged Media: The New Standard” she explained what converged media is, how it works, and the three main approaches to maximizing the use of converged media in your marketing plans. She explained how imperative it was to stop thinking of marketing in the same terms we used before the internet because we can’t treat our customers as if the digital world hasn’t forever altered how we interact with advertising. The average person checks their smartphone once every 7.2 minutes and the populations of Facebook and China are roughly equal. To stand out among all the noise in our daily lives, you have to interact, engage, share, and analyze at a deep level in order to truly take advantage of media convergence.  We also have more access than ever to data, psychographic targeting, and information about customer segmentation to make finding your customer online easier than ever – as long as you use the data.

Courtney’s three main approaches are as follows:

  1. Shut up and listen – engage with the customer instead of interrupting them.
  2. Stop competing and start cooperating. Work cooperatively across channels and don’t assume that customers care about channel information – they just want information.
  3. Know thy data. Big data is everywhere. It’s imperative to have all the information and then use the information to make informed decisions.

We’ll be putting the presentation up on SlideShare soon and filming it again, so stay tuned for more information on converged media.