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Adding New Admins on Facebook: Easier Than You Thought

It is always exciting for me (Lani) when we get a new social client. I see all new clients as a new opportunity and a new challenge. The opportunity can be 1 new customer a year, it can be 50 new subscriptions a month, it can be anything. Challenges are a little different, of course. Many times, the first challenge will involve some degree of learning who this new client is. Who, at their core, are they? Who is their target market? What voice should I use in their posts? What can I do to make them stand out to their potential customers or clients? These questions come with each new client and it’s part of my job as a Brand Manager to discover the answers and find out how to show them to the world.

While these opportunities, challenges, questions, what have you, will always be present, there’s a new challenge that comes with social clients: how to add us as an admin on Facebook. It may seem silly that I’m calling this step a “challenge” when we have voice, content, structure, etc. to focus on, but, with the more clients we have, the more I realize this is not common knowledge.

In order for us to post to and properly report on our client’s social media, (namely Facebook, in this scenario) we need to be an admin on their page. For the purpose of clarity, I’ll let y’all know that we keep everything under Courtney’s account. It just makes things easier. Now, I do stay logged in to Courtney’s account – as a matter of fact, I don’t think I’ve ever logged into my own Facebook on my work computer. We do this to keep everything together, to keep a forever history, and to keep Courtney in the loop of my day-to-day. Keep this in mind when I say that “I” need access, trust me, it’ll make sense later in the blog.

Anyways, there are a few steps to adding Courtney (me) as an admin to a Facebook page. I’m going to break it down with screenshots because that’s what I generally send to our clients. I want this blog to help those in the future. We’re actually going to add an entire onboarding section to our website that details important features, facts, stats, etc. of each service that we offer. So, you guessed it, including how to add a new admin to your Facebook page will be included in the Social Media section.

There are 4 steps to adding someone as an admin. Step one is going to “Settings” on your page. You’ll notice the beautifully drawn blue circles for the steps I’m referring to.

Smarter Searches example of how to add Facebook admins.

Step two is to click on “Page Roles” on the left-hand side.

Smarter Searches example of how to add Facebook admins step 2.

In step three, you’ll head on over to “Assign a New Page Role”.

Smarter Searches example of how to add Facebook admins step 3.

And lastly, in Step 4, you’ll type the email of the person you are trying to add. In the case of our clients, we share that information with you once you sign a contract. The default is to add new people as “Editor”, not “Admin”. All you’ll need to do is scroll to Admin and then click Add. We then receive an invitation, I’ll accept it, and BOOM, we’re an admin on this new client’s page.

Smarter Searches example of how to add Facebook admins step 4.

So there you have it, 4 easy steps are all you need to add someone as an admin on your Facebook page. The purpose of this blog is to let our clients know that while this is an easy task to us, (honestly it should be since it’s our job) we realize that things that are easy to us aren’t always to our clients – isn’t that why you hired us?! We know that Facebook can be hard if you didn’t grow up with it. I did and tbh, some of the changes still get to me; but I am in it every day, figuring out those changes so that you don’t have to. So, to our clients – take a step back, do these 4 steps, and I’ll handle the rest.