adventures of ad girl
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Are you lost in the world of digital marketing? Well, you’re in luck - The Amazing Ad-ventures of Ad-Girl and Marketing Man are here to save the day! With ever-changing “best practices” and an extensive library of “lingo” (CPC, SEO, PPC ) the realm of digital marketing can be a challenge to navigate.

By combining the complexity of digital marketing and the fun of comics and superheroes, Smarter Searches, with the help of Ad-Girl and Marketing Man, aims to make digital marketing understandable for everyone.

In this 8-week course, we will provide tools to keep under your belt (or cape) for when you come face to face with your next digital marketing villain. Whether it’s bad websites, ineffective SEO, or the dreaded Google spider - you’ll have the tools you need to save your marketing.

Did your dream of becoming a superhero fail to become a reality? Well, here’s your second chance. With The Amazing Ad-ventures of Ad-Girl and Marketing Man, you will gain both valuable and tangible takeaways such as checklists, guides, video content, and more! Subscribe today to earn your cape and save your marketing!


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