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All I Want For Christmas Is You (To Have A Better Digital Strategy)

Black Friday for 2019 was a record-breaking year as both online and in-store figures rose over 2018’s numbers. Data from 2019 also demonstrates that more consumers than ever are comfortable with shopping and getting their deals on the go, as the number of shoppers using their smartphones increased dramatically. 

Data from Salesforce for Black Friday shows that online spending increased 14% over last year to a record $7.2 billion and increased 17% on Thanksgiving to $4.1 billion. 65% of online orders were made using a smartphone. Further, spending via mobile wallets rose 82% compared to 2018, according to Fiserv.

These numbers weren’t achieved through poor digital strategy, which is why you need to consider how you’re going to improve your digital strategy for 2020.

At Smarter Searches, we hope that you and your business have had a prosperous and fulfilling 2019. As the holidays and New Year quickly approach, we also hope that you have thought about how your digital strategy performed in 2019 and how you plan to improve for 2020. Here are a few questions to consider when planning your digital strategy for the new year: 


  1. How did your PPC strategy perform?
    • Are you hitting the right keywords?
    • Does your location targeting make sense?
    • How does the bounce rate look for your ads?
    • Is your budget running out too fast?
    • Are you testing different ad copy/messages?
  2. How are you performing organically on social?
    • Who is your audience on your social networks?
    • Is your audience engaging with your social posts?
    • Are you posting enough? Or too much?
    • What content is your audience engaging with the most?
    • Are you maintaining a consistent voice and brand image?
  3. Are you optimizing your social ads?
    • Are you advertising on the right networks for your target consumer?
    • Are you targeting the right audience?
    • Are you using retargeting/remarketing in your social ads? Does that make sense for your business?
    • Is your campaign structured properly?
    • Are you tracking performance and ad metrics?
  4. Have you optimized your site for SEO to rank higher in organic search?
    • Did you add meta titles and descriptions to your site?
    • Are the titles and descriptions formatted properly?
    • How does your site perform?
    • What is your Domain and Page Authority?
    • Are you writing content for readers, not search engines?
  5. Does your website need a refresh?
    • Are you embarrassed by the “antique” nature of your site?
    • Is your site slow and difficult to navigate?
    • Is your site mobile-friendly?
    • Has your branding changed?
    • Is the formatting consistent?


This list is by no means meant to be an exhaustive list of questions, but it is a great place to start when you’re considering how to improve your digital strategy for 2020. Another great place to start is by giving us a call or shooting us an email so that we can optimize your marketing strategy to meet your goals for improvement in 2020! 


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the entire Smarter Searches team!