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Author: Mara

5 Reasons Why Your Website Isn’t Converting

These days, most business owners know that a website is an essential component of a flourishing business. A website gives you control of your brand and content, allows you to show up in search engines, provides a platform for sharing testimonials and social proof, and,

From mockup to launch: AAIT. Our web design process.

From Mockup to Launch: AAIT™

It’s another website launch day here at Smarter Searches! We’ve spent the last several weeks building a brand new website for Acceptance and Integration Training, or AAIT™. AAIT™ is a therapeutic framework for alleviating psychological pain while contributing to spiritual well-being. Therapists trained in the

5 Easy Instagram Hacks for Business

5 Easy Instagram Hacks for Businesses

Instagram is (by far) my favorite social media platform. It’s the first app I open in the morning, my go-to source of entertainment when I’m stuck in a line somewhere, and a great way to give my brain a break when I’m in the middle

5 Free Digital Marketing Tools Blog Graphic

5 Free Digital Marketing Tools We Cannot Live Without

As a digital marketing agency, we use online apps and tools every single day. From scheduling meetings and team events to internal communication and project management, we have a go-to tool for just about everything we do — including content marketing. Today, we’re sharing our

Do's and Don'ts of Facebook Marketing

The Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Boosting

We’ve discussed Facebook boosting quite a lot on our blog lately. Why? Well, here’s the shortened version: Facebook has recently announced that newsfeeds would begin prioritizing meaningful personal interactions with friends and family over posts from brands. What this means for you, the business owner,

10 Social Media Post Ideas

10 Social Media Post Ideas When You’re in a Rut

We know one of the key pieces to success on social media is consistently posting engaging content. This is way easier said than done, though — and even the best social media strategists can find themselves stuck in a content rut. Sometimes, all you need

The Digital Marketing Resolutions in 2018

5 Digital Marketing Resolutions You’ll Stick to in 2018

It’s January. For business owners, this month is for goal setting, reflecting on the previous year, and planning for the year ahead. What worked? What didn’t? How can you apply those lessons to your 2018 strategy? When you’re thinking about your goals this year, make