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Balancing Productivity and Relaxation this Spring

The season of Spring brings warmer weather, beautiful flowers, and fresh air all around. However, many of us can forget to take time to stop and smell the roses along the way when we’re invested in demanding jobs, school, and other general life tasks. Here are a few things that you can easily incorporate into your busy schedule to make sure that you’re still able to take some time for yourself this Spring. 

Take a Daily Walk

Daily walks have been proven to significantly benefit both physical and mental health, while also contributing to increased productivity. Not to mention, a brief walk is a great way to clear your mind when you’re feeling overwhelmed with work. Whether it’s 5 minutes or an hour, find a time each day that works for you and get outside to enjoy the fresh spring air. 

Schedule “You” Time

When we become so wrapped up in our daily work, school, and personal lives, we can sometimes forget to pay any attention to ourselves. Make it a goal each week to set aside time to do some of your favorite activities and hobbies. With beautiful spring weather on the way, think of ways that you can take some of your hobbies outdoors. 

Prepare and Organize

Before each week begins, create a plan of what it will look like. Start by making a calendar of all your activities and responsibilities for the week. Once your obligations are all listed, pencil in some ideas for ways that you can take some time to relax. Organizing your week ahead of time ensures that you’ll be able to spend more time doing the things you love while also keeping you productive and on task. Take dinner planning as another example – if you have a plan of what to make or prepare for dinner every day of the week, you can spend less time searching for a last minute dish to cook and more time enjoying your dinner. 

You don’t have to choose between productivity and relaxation; it’s all about knowing how to balance the two. For many, spring is a season of renewal and a refreshed mindset, which makes it the perfect time to dive headfirst into work and projects. However, be sure to take a break every once in a while so that you’re able to appreciate spring and the beautiful outdoor days that come with it. 

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