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Bookcase.Club Case Study: A Silver Addy Award-Winning Website

Once a year, our team gets all dressed up and fancy. We put on our finest dresses and suits, drink champagne, eat lots of cheese, and head downtown for the Knoxville Advertising Awards. It’s always an amazing night; but, of course, winning awards makes it even better. Our goal for this year was to win one silver ADDY — and if you read Courtney’s 2020 ADDY’s recap from last week, you’ll know that we won THREE! 

Today, we’re spotlighting the website that brought home two of those three awards: Bookcase.Club. Bookcase.Club is a subscription box that delivers two books right to your door each month. Customers can customize their boxes by genre, given the choice between mystery, young adult fiction, fantasy, and romance themes — there’s even a wide selection of boxes just for kids! 

The Award-Winning Design

Bookcase.Club came to us in need of an updated website. While 84% of their customers were millennial women, their current website featured a more masculine energy that didn’t cater to their main customer base. They needed new colors, fun fonts, and more conversational messaging. We started with a color palette of soft blues and corals, added a handwritten font, and filmed a new header video featuring a woman in their target market (and a really cute dog). 

We created a fresh, custom Shopify website that integrated seamlessly with an advanced subscription fulfillment platform that enabled the Bookcase.Club team to manage their subscriptions with ease. This customer-focused design and user-friendly interface won us a silver ADDY for website design!

BookCase.Club HomepageThe Data-Driven Form

Our second silver Addy for the Bookcase.Club website is in the category of data-driven marketing. Because Bookcase.Club offers several different genres for a variety of age groups, we created a form that easily matches prospective customers to the exact subscription box they are looking for. Customers can choose their gender, desired genre, and whether they are shopping for themselves or someone else (Bookcase.Club offers giftable subscriptions that make great surprises for your loved ones!) and the form will dynamically match a customer with their perfect box.

BookCase.Club subscription book box form.

The Results

While the new design and form are lovely, let’s dive into why we really do what we do – the results. We compared the website in its first three months to the previous three-month period of the old website, and this is what we found:

  • Sessions on the site increased by 11.57%. 
  • Number of sessions per user went up by 13.20%. 
  • Page views skyrocketed by 66.98%.
  • Bounce rate dipped by 5.15%.
  • Average session duration jumped from 1:25 minutes to 2:05 minutes – a 48.19% increase.
  • Pages per session increased by 49.66%, with the new average user viewing 4.33 pages compared to 2.9. 

This was such an exciting project to work on – getting to design a site geared toward a target market the majority of our team belongs to (millennial women), coming up with creative ways to drive conversions, and getting to watch our efforts come to fruition for a client we really care about.

Thank you, Bookcase.Club, for this opportunity!

If you’re in the market for a new website that drives results for you and your business, contact us to get started.