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Branding and Marketing Strategy in 2020

As we enter and begin the new decade, there isn’t a better time to evaluate and restrategize your branding and marketing for 2020. Now that’s not to say you should turn your entire business in a new direction, but you should never stop evolving and growing. Read a few of our top tips and ideas when restrategizing your branding and marketing strategy in the new decade:

  • Mobile-First Design

Over the years, we have become even more of a society that is always on the go. And who doesn’t keep their smartphone on them at all times? Trends have been moving to higher and higher web interaction via mobile. 70% of web traffic happens on a mobile device (CIODive, 2018). In fact, some of our clients see mobile traffic accounting for upwards of 80% of their web traffic.

Mobile-friendly design isn’t just about your website, it includes other parts of your marketing strategy, such as email marketing. Most of your customers will check their email on their phones, so it is critical that you optimize your emails to display properly on mobile. 

  • Make your brand more personal

No matter what industry you’re in, competition is likely increasing year after year. With so many businesses competing for a limited customer base, you have to find a way to differentiate your brand and your name. For many businesses, one way to do this is by storytelling with your brand.

Storytelling personalizes the relationship between your business and customer by building a narrative and showing your customer that your business is composed of humans, rather than just an anonymous entity trying to sell them something. With so many options, customers are choosing the best experience, as well as the best product or service to suit their needs. Storytelling doesn’t make sense for every brand, so it is up to you to decide whether this might appeal to your customers. 

  • Offer customer experiences to differentiate your brand

As mentioned in the previous tip, customers are looking for products and services that will offer an experience more than just buying the product and being done with it. Customer experiences can be offered pre-sale, during the sale, and post-sale. These experiences can look different based on your industry, but a unique experience that differentiates your brand will stay in the memory of your customers and build brand loyalty. 

Take, for example, a boutique clothing store holding a party to celebrate new Spring fashion items in stock. The experience doesn’t have to be expensive; you can simply have some bubbly drinks, put up decorations, and offer special discounts for customers that attend. Or maybe the unique experience is free personal styling at your boutique. The experience can be as big or as small as it needs to be, so long as it sticks with your customers and sets your brand apart from the competition. 

When planning your 2020, take these ideas and tips into mind and really nail down what you think would work for you and your business. If you need help implementing these ideas, let us know. If you don’t even know where to start, contact us, and let us help. That’s what we’re here for.