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Building brand cohesion


Answering the question ‘who are you’?

Customers remember brands and businesses based on the feelings they get when they have an experience with the brand. When an ideal customer lands on your site, you want to ensure that your brand’s personality, style, colors, and fonts appeal to them and draw them in.


Our Identity Package is ideal for a business interested in establishing a cohesive brand identity or refreshing an existing one. It includes primary, secondary, and submark logos, a custom color palette, typography selections, and other brand elements (think custom patterns and icons) that are tailormade to your business and your audience.

What’s Included


Your logo is arguably the most important component of your branding. Every identity package includes three logo versions: a primary logo, a secondary logo, and a submark. Your primary logo is the logo that you’ll use the majority of the time: on your website, your business cards, etc. A secondary logo typically includes your tagline or another relevant brand element. A submark logo is often in a circular or square shape and is used in places where a longer version of your logo doesn’t make sense: i.e. a social media profile photo or a sticker.

Custom Color Palette

Next, we’ll develop a custom color palette for use on your website, digital materials, and printed marketing collateral. We will choose a palette of five to six colors that represent your brand and speak to your audience.


Typography is one of the most crucial ways to convey your brand message and identity. We carefully choose a heading, an accent, and a body font that are aligned with who you are as a brand and will resonate with your ideal customers.

Brand Elements

There’s more to a brand than a logo, colors, and fonts. Custom brand elements will tie everything together visually. These include custom patterns and icons that are in line with your brand’s visual identity. Once we’ve completed your logos, color palette, typography, and brand elements, we’ll tie it all together for you in a one-page brand style guide. You’ll never have to search for the names of your fonts or color codes again!

We help you find your voice in the digital space and make sure it remains authentic to who you are as a company, your ideals, your identity – from colors to fonts to word choice to platform.

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