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Why You Shouldn't DIY Your Website

Why You Shouldn’t Build Your Own Website

The Super Bowl was earlier this month, and if you’re anything like most of the Smarter Searches team, your favorite part is the advertising. The ads were incredible (as usual), and the Audi, Bud Light, and Kia ads were a few of the most popular

How to Build Your Online Portfolio

How to Create a Successful Online Portfolio

First things first: your professional portfolio should be an example of your best work, not a comprehensive time capsule. Instead, it should be is a sampling of your best work, throughout your career. What Constitutes Your Best Work? The specifics will vary by person, business,

Product Photography 101

Product Photography 101

Increased site visits, check. Higher Google rankings, check. Modern website, check. Excellent product photos…err…no check. When you decide to step up the intensity of your internet marketing strategies, be prepared to consider the whole package of what you visually deliver to your customers, including any

Logo design basics

Logo Design Basics

We help businesses grow by increasing their visibility on the web. Part of the growing process includes inspecting how your website and its visual parts represent your company. As a visual element, your logo falls into that category. It’s always good to remember that your

Web design inspiration

Web Design Inspiration

At Smarter Searches, we do the occasional website redesign. Even when we don’t, we always recommend that in the grand scheme of growing your business and your presence on the web, it helps to have a beautiful and user-friendly website. We can do all the

What pixelation says about your website

What Pixelation Says About Your Website

Imagine if Leonardo da Vinci was still alive and used the image below (and to the right) as a representation of the Mona Lisa on his website?! I think we can all agree that we’d be a little let down by Leo’s attention to detail

Smarter Usability for Conversions

Smarter Usability for Conversions

Usability and User Experience When a website’s usability is simple, easy, navigable, and obvious, more conversions (a.k.a converting site visitors into paying customers) occur. Websites are set up to display your trade, craft, products, or services, so it makes sense to do everything you can

Blog cover for "Reasons Your Site Sucks"

Reasons Your Site Sucks

We work with small businesses every day – our passion lies in helping the companies who make up the overwhelming majority of the business landscape and providing the digital resources that are too often unavailable to them. However, that often means we deal with websites