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CEO Named One of the Best Digital Strategists of 2015

CEO of Smarter Searches, Courtney Herda, was recently named one of the best digital strategists of 2015 by the Online Marketing Institute. Selected by OMI, the criteria were individuals who:  “create and lead the adoption of the newest, most effective digital marketing strategies; present incredible education opportunities through speaking engagements, blogging, and teaching; and deliver high-impact, positive results for their clients and organizations.”  The list included such notable names as Thom Craver, Lisa Buyer, Brian Solis, and Kim Albee.

“For me, making this list is a very important step for Smarter Searches.  Being on a list with individuals that I have looked up to and enjoy learning from is an enormous honor for me.  Plus, I value what OMI offers through their great classes, events, and more,” said Herda.

In addition to the list, there will be blog posts with the #1 area of digital marketing that professionals and business owners should be focusing on for 2015. We will share that post when it is posted.

To see the full list, check out the OMI Blog Post here.