helping you adjust to a very different business world

2020 has been a very unique time for many businesses. But it has also been an incredibly difficult time for many businesses. For some, the transition from brick-and-mortar services to online, customer pick-up, and digital offerings has been challenging. For others, it has been nearly impossible.

Our team has more than 30 years of combined experience in digital marketing and is well-equipped to help you through the challenges you are facing. We can help you come up with ideas on how to use your resources to become an online-first business. We can help you create a content calendar of ideas that engages your customers on social media. We can help you set up, manage, or improve your existing e-commerce offerings. We can be a sounding board for marketing ideas and share tips, tricks, and systems that will help your business navigate the difficult climate right now, from mandatory stay-at-home orders, through social distancing protocols, and beyond, as we weather the economic changes this global pandemic has brought.

To set up a consultation, call us at (865) 935-4698 or fill out the form or select a time on our scheduling tool below. We are here for you.

Social Media Campaigns and plans

Setting up and optimizing E-Commerce

consulting and planning for digital changes

Get in touch with our team by selecting a date and time for your consultation on the calendar. We will begin all appointments with a free consultation with a team member and estimate for services. Consulting is billed at a promotional rate of $90/hour. We understand that many businesses are struggling right now and we are willing to work with you.

September 2020

ways we can help

social media campaigns
content calendars
social media engagement and sales techniques
driving leads and sales through social media
growing social media presence
advertising on social media (training and management)
develop e-commerce platform
increase visibility to e-commerce websites
plan mechanisms for selling online easily and affordably
help with payment processing and tracking online sales
drive awareness of online options
ideas for selling online without building a new website
consulting on existing online services
reporting and analysis of existing online efforts
ideas for how to modify services for online
promotion of online services
creation of new webpages
facebook and instagram shop setup

Your Business

Can Evolve

It's imperative that businesses grow and evolve with the changing times. The pandemic will end, but the world is irrevocably changed. Businesses will be expected to maintain the level of online service currently being offered and the economy will take time to recover. Let us help you find the best way forward.

◎ Call or video chat to identify issues and make a plan
◎ Customized recommendations for your business
◎  The only costs are our time on the call or for services performed after your consultation
◎  Proven success plans for managing your business online

Let's Grow


Any questions? Give us a call at (865) 935-4698 and we can answer any questions you have for us and how we can help. This will also include an estimate for any additional services that might be necessary.


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