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Digital Marketing: A Recipe for Success


Unless you’ve always been a mad scientist in the kitchen, recipes are a great way to learn how to make food, combine spices, and satisfy your inner foodie. As someone who likes to learn something from the most basic starting point, I can appreciate the simplicity in following the instructions of a recipe. As my food-guru and guide, recipes help me discover how to use ingredients and cooking methods, as well as find out what what works for my taste buds. Like any recipe, especially a homemade one, making the most of your digital marketing plan takes planning, practice, patience, and…a little bit of personal taste. It also takes a decent amount of testing, but who wants to break up that set of power-P’s? However, in both of cases (food and digital marketing), the core of a successful digital strategy – or recipe – is to understand the ingredients, implement them strategically, and then reap the rewards!

So, with digital marketing, what makes a successful “recipe”? What ratio of digital “ingredients” help create a powerful online strategy for a business? The answer is: it depends. No one wants to hear that kind of answer, but it truly depends on what a company desperately needs and can afford. Think of it this way: A bare-bones digital strategy is kind of like eating Ramen noodles in college. Then, as taste buds (or budgets) expand, it’s important to increase the shopping list to include better, more complex ingredients that taste better together and do more good for your body. Like a complex and homemade recipe, a complete digital marketing strategy uses a combination of advanced services or “ingredients” that work harmoniously to help your digital marketing plan achieve balance, power, and results. So, with a food recipe in mind, here’s our fun, yet always adjustable, digital marketing recipe for success.

Digital Ingredients:

1 Cup Quality Web Design*

1 Cup Outstanding User Experience*

2 Cups Amazing Content*

1/2 Cup PPC Advertising

1 C Social Media Engagement*

1 Tbsp Brand Identity

2 tsp Reputation Management*

optional Video Marketing*

* Includes SEO

Strategic Directions:

  1. Assess your website. Is it user-friendly? Is it engaging? Does it make sense to users? Where does your site rank in different web browsers? Not sure about any of this? Contact us for a site review or a reporting and analytics package.
  2. Based on your site review and reporting results (and your budget), we’ll configure the perfect mix of digital ingredients, for optimal online marketing results.
  3. Add the selected digital ingredients to your online strategy and “bake” at 75 degrees F (our office’s constant temperature) for 30-365+ days. (Remember, every digital plan takes time, patience, and a little bit of love to create the perfect digital “dish.”)
  4. Once your digital recipe is perfected, maintain it with our monthly reporting for consistent and positive digital results.

Our Client Reviews

Every recipe has reviews! Check out a few of ours, and read the rest on our Facebook page.

“It’s working! It’s working! Phones have been ringing like crazy! Thank you.”


“I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciate you and your team…your help, guidance, professionalism, etc. It is refreshing to be so well taken care of in this day and age!”


“I work with a lot of companies. I cannot tell you how much of my time I spend following up with companies about orders, shipments, etc. because my assigned CSR doesn’t follow through. One thing I genuinely appreciate about you and your associates is the high level of follow through and professionalism. It’s a quality all too rare in today’s business climate.”


“Since we started our internet and social media media campaigns six months ago, our traffic through the door is up 34% above the highest yearly traffic from the previous period.” 


“Smarter Searches has transformed the presence of my business online. With their expertise and proactive approach to internet marketing they have driven more traffic to my internet site resulting in increased leads and sales. We at Instant Dri are very appreciative of Smarter Searches and we’re looking forward to a long lasting relationship going forward. If you’re looking for people that do what they say and that you can trust…look no further…you’ve found them! Thank you Courtney Herda and the entire staff at Smarter Searches…you guys rock!!”


“I really, really appreciate your very insightful tips, which are very helpful and I will make use of them. That was above and beyond what I expected from an SEO person. You have done a lot in a short period of time and I’m so grateful.”