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I’ve posted about converged media before, but it’s becoming more of a buzzword than ever and we’re starting to talk more about media convergence with our customers and speaking engagements.  Not because it’s brand new and no one’s thought of it before, but because we’re starting to realize that people just aren’t doing this – they aren’t approaching their marketing with a big picture focus and that the marketing world needs us all to do it.  Customers tune out brand interruptions and long for brand engagement.

Too often, marketing agencies and departments are still trapped in divisive departments and segmented silos that defeat the purpose of marketing.  This forces everyone into a competitive environment, where peers end up working against each other rather than interacting together to build the brand. They think in terms of products – SEO, PPC, social, print, etc.  This is partly because of the segmentation at most companies of their sales teams.  For example, there are often digital sales people that sell only digital products – search, banners, social – while the print teams sell print products – newspapers, magazines, mailers.  When that happens, we can often see message mismatch problems – colors, fonts, messages, verbiage, imagery all varies from one media to the other.  This is not an approach that works well with customers.  We want to see teams working together to further the entire identity of the company rather than in a piecemeal, competitive fashion.

The best companies understand that marketing doesn’t exist in silos – it can’t exist in silos.  The most innovative brands think in terms of relationships.  Companies need to stop competing with each other and start listening to their customers, start working together as a team.  Companies need to understand that CHANNELS are irrelevant to the customer.

What is relevant to the customer? An ongoing relationship with a company that provides the best product and the best possible experience. And to create that you need to embraced converged media.

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