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Google, Twitter, and Facebook Extend Work-from-Home

With many companies having moved to work-from-home setups, it is no surprise that three of the tech giants have mandated their employees to work remotely, if able, since early to mid-March. Within the last week or so, all three have extended their work-from-home options to protect their employees and allow them to feel comfortable and safe.

While all three plan to carefully reopen offices in the coming months, they have announced that there will be many precautions in place and that returning to the office will not be mandatory for employees that can work remotely.

Facebook and Google both extended their work-from-home option to the end of 2020, meaning that employees will be able to work remotely until at least the end of this year. Twitter made an even more generous extension of work-from-home: forever. Twitter’s CEO made the announcement in an email to employees stating that employees can continue to work from home “forever” if they choose.

What does this mean for users and advertisers on these platforms? How will their experience and performance change? We don’t expect experience or performance to change too much. While there have been some disruptions and changes in experience, they haven’t been extreme. In our experience, the issues came from adjusting to working remotely. As the weeks have passed, we feel that things have slowly returned to normal when working with these platforms. 

With the COVID-19 situation changing rapidly, we expect more changes and adaptations to come from the tech giants. We are proud to be involved in such a flexible industry. 

Are you working remotely? When are you returning to your office? Our team continues to work remotely until further notice,  but we are here for our clients and anyone looking to improve their digital strategy. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business!