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Grabbing and Maintaining Viewer Interest

Usability studies have shown that visitors can judge a page in under a second, so it is important to let new visitors know that the site is relevant to them and their interests quickly. More importantly, make sure they know you are the company to work with or buy from.

Successful websites are like little pieces of art. They need to:

  • be cohesive
  • tell your story
  • interest the viewer

Grabbing your audiences’ attention involves careful planning. If you aren’t sure where to start, take a look at websites you and others enjoy. Use their layout as inspiration.

Pictures make a quick impact and can be exciting element of your site. Use photos to display exactly what you have to offer. Photos are a great, quick visual attraction, but make sure they don’t cause clutter. Too many photos can be distracting, causing the viewer to avoid focusing on the ones that matter. One large photo is a great way to introduce your business or product to the viewer, but make sure it and all other smaller photos on the page are or look professionally done. A website or Facebook page dedicated to your business and any marketing materials are all an extension of your business and every detail tells the potential buyer something about the way you might do your business. If you have a great product, service and customer service, let them see that.

Keeping your website up-to-date is an important factor in interest. Old and new websites with flashing graphics, stock icons, clashing colors and too much empty space or too much clutter unfortunately, create a negative initial perception of your business. In these cases, you could have the best products, services and customer service, but your website tells people otherwise. Make sure your website matches the passion for what you do. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from someone who can turn your website into a meaningful composition showcasing the elements of your business.

Properly marketing to your target audience will prove to be a very useful strategy, as will properly designing your website to compliment the look, presence or theme of your business or product. For example, a company selling retrofitted and modernized 1950’s styled radios would do well to have a website that plays with the design relationships of these two decades, creating a modernized 1950’s vibe. Effectively, this creates energy and excitement for the product before the customer even has it in their hands because the website successfully packages or frames the product in a way that the customer understands and feels fits his or her needs.

What do you do to highlight the benefits of your company with your layout, design, color choice, etc.?  There are ways beyond content to highlight your value propositions – what works for you?