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How a CRM Can Help You Learn from Your Mistakes

You learn best from your mistakes, right?

Well, that’s certainly the case with us. Nearly every policy and procedure we have for all our products and services come from some mistake we made or “learning experience” we have had. From lines in our contract to systems and procedures in our workflows, we have learned from our mistakes and that has made us even more effective in our respective roles. 

Take for example, our use of Dubsado as our CRM tool. After a few years of a (somewhat) inconsistent website design experience for our clients, we have been able to create efficient systems for our website design process that results in more clarity for our customers, an easier workflow for our team from design to implementation, and more transparency for our clients – which is one of our core values. 

Whether it was being stuck in revisions for months upon months with no end in sight, designs that changed so dramatically they were unrecognizable at the end, or miscommunications within our own team, these mistakes and learning experiences have been identified, fixed, and systematized with Dubsado. We have been able to streamline the onboarding process with customized forms for each service, build a client portal with important documents for each client, and track conversations from email and call logs. 

I’m not often known as the most detailed person. I have a memory like a steel trap and one of my biggest strengths is seeing the big picture (hence my focus on long-term strategies), but when it comes to little details, sometimes I skip those. For example, it’s a running joke that I assign tasks to our team but fail to provide details like, say, which client it’s for. Or the URL. Or something else that’s pretty crucial but I just happened to overlook it. Dubsado’s project tools and tasks help me avoid these issues by letting me build task board templates to apply to different clients, dividing tasks into projects, and connecting all these detail pieces together. It has made it substantially easier for my team in their workflows by simply keeping these details all together, so I don’t have to worry about whether or not I remembered to specify which client I’m talking about. 

If you’re interested in a new website or any digital product or service, whether it’s because you need more functionality due to the rise in online and virtual needs or simply a brand refresh, we are here for you. Or, if you are interested in how Dubsado could help your business, we can provide an awesome referral code for you to use! Let us know how we can help!