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How Influencer Marketing Can Help Your Business

Within the past few years, influencer marketing has taken social media by storm.  Influencer marketing is a type of marketing that focuses on using industry experts to represent one’s brand. While celebrity endorsements have been a popular way of advertising in the past, non-celebrity bloggers are becoming more effective since consumers find them more relatable. According to, “92% of consumers say that they trust word-of-mouth recommendations more than any type of advertising.” Influencer marketing allows you access to an already loyal audience that the influencer has established over time. Here are a few of the reasons why you should consider influencer marketing for your business.

Desired Target Market

Influencer marketing allows your company to pinpoint exactly what type of target audience you want to reach. Instead of spending excess money advertising to a large market, you can determine which influencers are attracting your specific target customers. Make sure you choose someone whose content is relevant to your business and who would represent your brand well. 


Another benefit of influencer marketing is that it is cost-effective. You can set your own budget and determine how much you are willing to pay for a certain influencer or desired number of posts. The pay simply depends on the number of followers the influencer has; the more followers, the more you will pay.  

Discreet Advertising

Influencer marketing is growing in popularity because it appears more authentic and discreet to consumers than a normal advertisement. However, the FTC now requires businesses to be transparent about their partnerships. For example, Instagram influencers must write #sponsored or #ad on their posts so followers are aware that it is a paid partnership. Even with this new regulation, consumers trust the recommendations of influencers who have established their credibility and knowledge of the industry. 

Easy to Track Results

Lastly, it is easy for a business to track the results through affiliate links and coupon codes given out by the influencer. You can measure these results through an analytics tool and discover what content receives the most clicks and conversions. You will be able to tell if this partnership is worth the cost.  

Is Influencer Marketing Right For You?

While influencer marketing is a powerful tool that can help your business grow, it is not just a quick fix to your problems. Influencer marketing is a time commitment requiring extensive research beforehand, planning out a content calendar, following up with your influencer, and reviewing your results. With these aspects in mind, go ahead and take the first step if you feel influencer marketing is right for your business. For more information on how you can improve your digital marketing as a whole, contact the Smarter Searches team today.