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How to Beat Procrastination and Increase Productivity

Whether it’s a project at work, school assignments, or any other task that needs to be completed, we all know how easy it is to put things off until the last minute. While procrastination may be tempting at the moment, getting your work done in a mindful time frame can be much more rewarding in the long run. Today, we’re sharing a few tips and tricks you can use to put an end to procrastination and stay on top of all of your tasks. 

Set Goals and Stick to Them 

One of the best ways to prevent procrastination is to plan your week and prepare for the work you have ahead of time. First thing Monday morning, sit down and make a list of everything you need to complete. Make note of any events outside of work, such as doctor’s appointments, so that you can plan your time around them. Start setting daily goals and rewarding yourself when you meet them. As you begin to set these goals, be sure to know your limits and what practical goals look like for the task at hand. It’s also important to take short breaks in order to avoid burnout or setting unrealistic expectations for yourself. 

Use Technology to Your Advantage

Nowadays, there’s an app for everything – including ones that will help you kick your procrastination habits. Depending on what you’re looking for to help increase your productivity, there is certain to be an app available for you. For example, some apps play classical music which has been proven to increase productivity. Other apps set timers to remind you when to get to work and when to take breaks. There are countless programs and apps right at your fingertips ready to help you prevent procrastination. You can discover even more of these effective apps here. At Smarter Searches, we use Asana, which is a free tool that tracks our projects and tasks. It allows us to collaborate and keep each other accountable, as well, which is great while working from home.

Minimize Distractions

It’s safe to say that, for many, too many distractions are one of the biggest factors contributing to procrastination. With constant alerts on your phone, texts, and incoming emails, it’s all too easy to stop working and fall down the rabbit hole of distractions. Rather than paying attention to every notification, silence your phone and set it out of reach so that you won’t be constantly tempted or interrupted by it. 

We know it can be tough to stay on task and motivated, especially when working from home; there’s laundry to do, dishes to be cleaned, and a couch that’s just calling your name. When you stick to these tips, it’s easier to get your job done during your 9-5, and when that’s all done, you’ll feel better heading to your couch with that glass of wine.

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