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How To Beat the 2:30 Slump …or at least how Smarter Searches does it

The dreaded 2:30 p.m. slump… we get it, it can be hard to overcome. The morning energy has faded, your eyes are starting to strain after hours of screen time. We’ve all been there more than a few times. As a creative agency, we have to find ways to keep our minds running throughout the entirety of the work day, so here are some of the ways we get to the end of the day.

Take a break.
This one may sound obvious, but breaks are a crucial part of keeping your energy level up throughout the day. You can catch our team watching funny YouTube videos (Family Feud fails are the best) or taking a few minutes to chat about something new or creative we want to start doing as an agency. Even a 5-minute break to scroll through Instagram can help, and you may even find some inspiration while you’re on there.

Change of scenery.
Sometimes a simple change of scenery can do the trick to keep your mind alert and the creative wheels turning. Our interns are known to take a break from their workroom to write a blog from our cozy couch in the lobby. Moving around throughout the day can do wonders for mental clarity and creativity.

Grab an afternoon coffee.
Sometimes this is just absolutely necessary. Thankfully, we have multiple Starbucks locations within a 5-7 minute radius. If caffeine isn’t your thing, sometimes a glass of water can do the trick as well.

And when we are really struggling….

Pop a bottle of champagne.
Let’s be real. There really is no better motivation. At least not for our team. The key with this one is keeping it a treat. A Monday afternoon after a really long or stressful previous week, or a summer Friday when it’s perfect weather but you have a few more hours to go in the office.

How does your team beat the afternoon slump? Drop us a comment!