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How to Stay Productive on Month Seven of WFH

If you feel like you have been unproductive or less motivated lately, we can promise you that you aren’t the only one. It is important to remember that we are on month seven of working from home in a global pandemic. This is the most challenging year for not only students but everyone in the workforce. Working from home has many challenges in itself, even if you have to WFH for just one day. Between barking dogs, kids running around, and the lack of distinction between your work and home life, we know it can get a bit crazy. Going on month seven, you are probably becoming less productive and more distracted. Here are a few tips from the Smarter Searches team that can help you stay productive while working from home.

Set Goals First Thing in the Morning

Spend some time figuring out what you’ll do that day at work. Devoting time to set goals and figuring out just how you’ll get there will make sure you are very productive that day. It is easy to set goals at the office because you have your co-workers working hard all day long. At home, when it is just you, there is no motivation or a sense of accountability from others to complete your work. Try setting substantial goals first when you begin work from home, and see how far it will take you.

Create a No-Distraction Zone

The biggest struggle of staying productive is eliminating distractions and staying focused on your goals for the day. While working from home, it can be so tempting to get up and do all the little things you need to do in your house. Whether you see a dirty dish or there is clutter near you, it is so easy to get distracted by your home’s ins and outs. A great way to eliminate distractions is to create an area in your house with absolutely no distractions. Whether it’s a small nook that you can convert into a work zone, or taking advantage of that home office, create a space that feels like your workspace. This will also make it seem like you’re leaving your home to work. We know that you aren’t physically leaving, but if you have a place that you only work in, it won’t seem like you’re living in your office. Making a distinction between the two will do wonders for your mental health, trust us. 

Remember to Interact with Others

Working from home can be lonely, and that can slow down productivity. At the office, those small conversations with co-workers went a long way. Make sure to set aside time, whether it’s a lunch break or a coffee break, to either FaceTime a friend or make lunch for whoever lives at home with you. Make sure you keep up those team Zooms or GoToMeetings, as well. It’s great to see a friendly face and that will help keep the entire team on the same page and accountable for their work. 

We know that working from home is getting old, and staying productive is hugely challenging. Doing whatever works for you to get all your work done is the way to go. WFH has its advantages and disadvantages, so try to look on the bright side and make the most of your home office because who knows, you might miss it one day.