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Internship Awareness Month: What I’ve Learned So Far

Through my internship at Smarter Searches, I’ve been able to develop so many skills that I have carried into my academic and professional life. For Internship Awareness Month, I thought I’d recap a few of the most important skills I’ve learned so far, and how they’ve helped in other areas of my life. 

Team Communication

For any job, internship, or project, team communication is key. While working from home during the pandemic makes navigating communication a bit more difficult, the team at Smarter Searches has shown me how it can be done through frequent Zoom meetings, quick texts, and email. As an advertising student, I am constantly working on group projects for many of my classes. I’ve seen first hand how much of a difference good communication can make on the final outcome of the project, and it makes the work process along the way much easier. 

Staying Organized

Balancing school and an internship isn’t always easy, but I’ve learned many tips and tricks which have helped me stay organized. Our team at Smarter Searches uses Asana to keep track of tasks and deadlines which is helpful in seeing what needs to be done and by when. This program is like a better to-do list because you can collaborate with other team members and clients at the same time. It’s a great way to stay organized and keep track of what tasks need to be completed. 

Setting Goals – and Knowing How to Reach Them

At the beginning of the week, I always sit down and plan out my schedule for the week. I’m really lucky that I can be flexible with how I fit my internship hours into my schedule and around my classes. By setting goals for when I plan to fit in my hours each week, I can easily stick to these plans and make sure that I achieve all of my hours. 

Internships are a great way to gain experience in the real world and see what a day in your industry can look like. Not only do you gain valuable skills that transfer to your academic and professional world, internships also look great on a resume and can help you make lasting connections. My internship at Smarter Searches has allowed me to develop some great skills that I am confident will help me in my future career path!

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