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Managing Multiple Social Media Accounts

As a digital marketing agency, we have many clients who have different needs and different services that we provide. As I handle the social media accounts for each of our clients, I wanted to share my top tips on the best ways to tackle such a diverse client base and what to do to keep your sanity through it all. 


My biggest tip is for those starting in social media, those wanting a future in it, or anyone who needs a refresher. For over seven years, I have been handling social media for various companies and clients, both in-house and at the agency level. In that time, the most important thing that I have learned is that you must triple-check everything. Double-check the content, the images/videos, grammar, and most importantly – the company for whom you’re posting. 

Can you imagine switching the post for a medical company with that of a distilling company? I have nightmares about this exact scenario, and let me tell you, it is not pretty. This will be grounds for a client terminating if heaven forbid that ever happened. And if that were to happen, there’s no one to blame but the person handling the social media – in the case of Smarter Searches, that would be me; in the case of your company or agency, that would be you

So, my biggest tip to anyone handling social media, even at an in-house level, is to make sure that everything that goes out is EXACTLY the way you want it. Never try to rush the process; take your time curating the perfect post, and triple-check everything.

How Handling Multiple Accounts Can Help

Now that you know the most significant area to focus on when handling multiple accounts, let’s dive into how this can help you and your client’s social media presence. At Smarter Searches, we have clients across many different industries, many of which do not overlap in any way and some that are pretty similar. So how do I handle creating content specific to each client? By learning from what I did for others.

In the case of completely different companies, there are times when a topic can play into that role, but in different ways. Let’s take stress awareness, for example. Stress Awareness Day was ‘celebrated’ on November 3rd, and I wrote blogs and created social posts for four different clients, Smarter Searches included. You may be thinking, “ok, so how did you make these posts so different?” and that is a great question and a great starting point. Let’s dive in. 

For our dental studio, I wrote about how stress can manifest into issues in the mouth, such as TMJ and clenching teeth; for our holding company client, I talked about the pressure that is put on business owners and entrepreneurs; for our wholesale book company, I spoke about the benefits of reading and how reading for just a few minutes each day can help reduce stress tenfold. Finally, for Smarter Searches, I talked about social media and mental health. These four blog posts could not be more different (take a look for yourself!) and the social posts that went along with them, but they all stemmed from the same topic. Using thematic groups is a fantastic way to use your clients as inspiration for a completely different client and industry.

When creating posts for similar clients, it can be tricky to make them different enough but still play into the topic at hand. We have a few other book companies that we work with, and they have completely different customer bases, which we keep in mind when curating posts for each of them. As we’re talking about books, deals, and readings quite often, I have to keep each client’s target audience and overall goals in mind. The clientele is different, so the posts must be different. That’s the simplest way I can put it. 

So whether you’re working with very similar or completely different clients, there are ways to use all of them to your advantage and as inspiration. The more you work in social, the easier this will become. 

How Smarter Searches Can Help

With over seven years in the industry, I have learned how to handle social media for dozens of clients at one time and how to find inspiration in the strangest of places. I would say that this comes from experience because it was much harder to pull something out of nothing when I first started. 

As you begin your career, either in-house or at the agency level, remember that practice makes perfect. Social media is constantly changing and evolving, but at its core, it’s still the social media that we grew up with – just a bit more advanced and grown-up, just like us. If taking on multiple clients at once gives you more anxiety than inspiration, it may be time to hand the reigns over or try to come at it from a new angle. We offer social media training, where we can put a more considerable emphasis on what to do and what NOT to do when handling social media for clients, or we can simply take over for you. Social media should be a fun and strategic way to help grow your brand or that of your clients’. If that’s not currently happening, let us know, and we’ll come up with a plan to ensure that starts today. Happy posting! 

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