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Mara Deyo

Senior Designer
Headshot of Mara against a gray background
Mara poses with her husband and dog Hudson

Mara Deyo, Senior Designer at Smarter Searches, is a content and web design expert based in Knoxville, Tennessee. In her role, she designs and builds WordPress and Shopify websites, writes SEO-friendly blog posts and email marketing campaigns, and designs branding and marketing materials. With a passion for graphic design and a business-minded focus, she continues to work her way up the marketing ladder, bringing a passion and deep expertise for marketing, content, and advertising to the team. Mara holds a Bachelor of Science in communication with a concentration in advertising from The University of Tennessee.

Mara works from home in Johnson City, Tennessee, and commutes to the Knoxville office two days a week. In her free time, she loves reading, trying out new recipes, seeing live music, and spending time with her husband and dachshund mix pup.

Enneagram type


DISC Profile highlights

She has a sense of humor, but becomes very serious about work tasks and projects, especially in the desire to maintain a high quality control. She can self-manage much of her own organizational activity and workload. She is very inclusive of others on the team. She gets along with a wide variety of other people. She is ready, willing, and able to help others become more effective and successful.

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