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National Internet Day

National Internet Day is celebrated each year on October 29th. In 2021, it almost seems silly that we would dedicate an entire day to something that is such an essential part of our daily lives. Not too long ago, the internet did not have the presence in our lives that it has today. When we look into it all a bit deeper, you’ll see why we celebrate the internet and the true importance it brings to most of the world each day. 

Although research began in the ‘50s and ‘60s, the internet was ‘born’ on January 1st, 1983, launching the ability to communicate through an online network. It started to become popular in the 1990s and has increased in popularity and necessity every year since. So let’s dive deeper into that popularity. 

There are about seven and a half billion people in the world. Just over four and a half billion people use the internet every day; this means that almost 60% of the world’s population actively accesses and uses the internet daily. What’s even crazier is that about 65% of the world’s population has internet access, which means that only 5% of those with access to the internet do not use it; everyone else does

As the world becomes more digital and on the go, it’s important to note that people spend almost 7 hours every day on the internet – and this does not include time spent on the internet for work. This consists of the 2+ hours spent on social media each day and time spent looking up answers on Google, shopping, and more. With over four billion people accessing the internet through their phones each day, these numbers more than make sense. Think about how much time you spend on your phone and what activities, sites, and platforms you’re using when doing so. Are these numbers on par? Or do you spend far more or less time on your phone and the internet than others?

As a digital marketing agency, the internet is a massive part of our job – actually, it’s our entire job. On National Internet Day, we take time to focus on how far we’ve come in just a few decades. Without the internet, we wouldn’t have Google to run ads, we wouldn’t have social media platforms to post to, and there wouldn’t be websites to design. It’s safe to say that everyone at Smarter Searches loves the internet, its capabilities, and the opportunities that it presents to us. We love working on the internet; if you need some help in any areas mentioned above (or anything on the internet!), let us know! We’d be happy to take our expertise and turn it into something tangible for you.

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