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Although fighting technical difficulties with Town Hall’s Internet connection, Farragut Business Alliance hosted a Facebook seminar geared toward helping business owners create their own pages Tuesday morning, Nov. 13.

FBA executive director Allison Sousa joined Farragut public relations coordinator Chelsey Riemann and Smarter Searches owner Courtney Herda to answer burning questions.

“The funny cat photo will always beat you,” Herda joked with seminar attendees.

She not only aided Farragut business owners in opening Facebook pages, but provided tips on how to optimize each page.

“People love pictures. They want to look through stuff, so you don’t want only text on your page,” Herda said.

Business owners should use Facebook platforms like photo albums and even highlighting posts to feature art. “Use those as a way of showing, not just telling,” Herda said.

Photo albums could highlight property listings, products, even before-and-after photos.

Also important in adding value to a business Facebook page is interacting: reply to comments left by readers, “like” and even cross-promote other pages and/or businesses and use “Favorites” pages.

“Because it’s social. At the end of the day, social media is social, and you have to be interactive or people will not want to be there,” Herda said.

Other tips to maximize a business Facebook:

• Link to and use apps such as YouTube and Flickr

• Post frequently and at different times, to catch a wider audience

• Use lots of visuals

“The more you put yourself out there, the better your search engine rankings,” Sousa said.

Other tips:

• Be sure there is an “s” in the web address to ensure you are browsing Facebook securely: i.e.,

• Check security settings monthly to ensure nothing has changed and to protect yourself against being hacked

• Change passwords regularly