“This summer, Google went live with “Enhanced Campaigns” that was designed to achieve those very goals. Essentially, Enhanced Campaigns was launched to offer advertisers “smarter ads” for the “always-on” user by dynamically displaying device-optimized content. Despite this idealist description, the AdWords’ change is not without criticism and confusion.  For merchants just getting started with Enhanced Campaigns, we’ve turned to five experts in the field to gather tips and clarification to take advantage of this new digital landscape. ” – See more of the interview with Website Magazine’s Amberly Dressler.

Courtney Herda – Owner, Smarter Searches, Internet Marketing Agency

“Even though Enhanced Campaigns have changed much of the interface and the details involved in PPC management, the top rules for merchants using AdWords remain the same: Think about your customer, target your message from keyword to ad to landing page to that customer, and continually test and track for conversions. Having worked with more than 400 PPC accounts as a PPC manager and now as the owner of a boutique Internet marketing agency, I can say confidently that these rules are the most important ones to follow and will not change even with Enhanced Campaigns.

What has changed are the details – how sitelinks work, how devices are segmented, and more advanced bidding strategies, targeted to making the account creation process easier for the consumer. In Google fashion, it’s meant to make things simpler for the small business owner and merchant, but the fact is that by automatically opting customers into enhanced campaigns, they might have pushed people into an arena, assuming their knowledge base is larger than it truly is.

Enhanced campaigns assume a lot about user knowledge and leave a lot of room for error. Over time, I think Google will refine the process, but as it is now, many of the details can be confusing to beginners. To combat this, the best thing a merchant can do is evaluate their campaigns and conduct a thorough audit of the account.

Check every setting, eliminate anything that isn’t working, use bid adjustments in locations that convert the best, and don’t be afraid to use the help guide or look things up. You can also ask a PPC agency to conduct an audit for you and identify areas for improvement. Oftentimes, this can be a more affordable way to get a full evaluation of your account without paying for management.”

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