SEO is something that most businesses know is important, but there’s still an aura of mystery and misinformation that abounds when we talk about SEO – how to approach it, what it means, how we make changes, and the best practices to follow and mistakes that businesses have made.  I was invited to speak for a group of savvy female business owners at the Knoxville Association of Women Executives’ educational series.

In the lecture, I reviewed how search engines work and how they determine ranking factors, including overviews on meta tags, keyword selection, content writing, and inbound link creation.  We also went over common myths that abound in the SEO industry regarding keyword stuffing, black hat techniques, and how to choose an SEO expert or agency.

It was a highly successful event – held at Cappuccino’s/Copper Cellar West in Knoxville.  Since it was a relatively small group, the focus was on questions and answers and giving the attendees actionable tips that they can take back to their companies and utilize on a daily basis.

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