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Apex Custom Furniture

Luxury RV Furniture Company Website Redesign

Apex is a family-owned and operated business that was established in 2018. The Cox family has over 100 years of combined experience in the furniture industry, so when they noticed a need in the market for custom RV furniture, they started Apex and never looked back.

Client website mock up

The Apex team built a DIY Wix website when they started the business in 2018, but after three years, they decided it was time to upgrade to a website that embodied the beauty of their work. They knew that in order to show up online as a high-end, luxury brand, they needed to invest in a professional website.

Because each of their pieces is completely custom-designed, they needed an online order form that made it easy to collect all the information they would need from the customer to respond with an accurate quote.

So, they brought in our team to help bring their website dreams to life!

What We Did

Website Redesign


Custom Order Form

Mood Board & Website Mockup

Apex Custom Furniture Mood Board

Modern. Handcrafted. Elegant. Boutique. Made in the USA.

These are the words the Apex team wanted to convey with their website redesign. We knew that they needed a website that was as bespoke as their products. We start each website build with a mood board to ensure that we nail the “look and feel” of the website. We chose a palette of rich blues and greys to complement the photos of their products.

Next, we moved on to the mockup and began designing the layout and flow of the content on the page. We were going for a clean, modern look with the design, so we implemented lots of white space, a unique navigation bar, and overlapping images to achieve that look. Fortunately, the Apex team had copious professional photos showing off their work, which made our job easy!

Building the New Website

The Apex team loved the mockup and had zero revisions! Time to build out the site and implement the strategy and functionality.

Before every website build, we first consider what makes our client’s business different from the competition and how we can highlight that on the website. There are two things that really stand out about Apex (aside from their stunning work): the fact that they are a family-owned business, and that their furniture is made-to-order here in East Tennessee.

  • Now more than ever, consumers need to know they can trust you before they make a purchase from your business – and who better to purchase from than a small, family-owned business? To highlight this, we added a photo of the Cox family and more information about who they are and why they decided to start their business.
  • Their beautiful furniture pieces are handcrafted right here in Knoxville, so we wanted to feature that fact as well. We had the Cox family write about their furniture design process from start to finish so we could walk potential customers through what they can expect when they work with Apex.

We believe your website should work for you. Our goal is to find creative solutions to make our clients’ jobs just a little bit easier. There was a very basic contact form on their old website, but it only asked for a name, email, and message. Then, the client had to reach out and gather more information from them in order to calculate a quote.

We created a custom quote form that collects all the specific information the Cox family will need in order to come up with a quote for the project – no more going back and forth through email.

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Apex client full website mockup

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