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Harper Auto Square

Cost per click
$0.70 to $2.00

The national average for cost per click on an automotive campaign is $3.50.

Click through rate
averages 7-9%

The national average for automotive campaign click-through rates is 1.88%

Conversion rate
over 4%

Conversion rates for automotive campaigns average just 2.00%.

You Should Know

Managing the pay per click account information for Harper Auto Square, including Harper Infiniti and Audi of Knoxville, our ads consistently perform higher than all averages for automotive campaigns.

Front corner view of white BMW 2 series

Summary of results

  • Harper Auto Square received an increase in website clicks, from paid traffic, by 92%
  • Sessions, or the period of time a user is actively engaged with a website during a specified time range, increased by 43%
  • Harper saw a 97% increase in converted clicks, otherwise known as desired actions.
  • The number of impressions, or how often your ad is shown, increased by 48%
  • Page views increased by 30%
    CPA, or cost-per-acquisition, decreased by 19%
  • Smarter Searches helped drive 17,729 new visitors to Harper Auto Square's website.