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Integracon Technologies

Integracon lacked any semblance of an organic foothold in their market of Knoxville, Knoxville. The company provides managed IT solutions for small and medium-sized businesses throughout the East Tennessee area. With a long history in business and a newly redesigned site, they had hoped to see major gains in organic traffic. However, prior to reaching out to our team, they had negligible activity from organic sources and fewer web-based leads, a glaring omission in a technology field. Smarter Searches was given a budget of $2,000/mo to fix technical issues, research keywords, overhaul content, implement meta tags and ALT text, and create additional content to boost organic traffic to the site with a 5-person team of an SEO specialist and a strategist, two copywriters, and a social media manager.

What they needed

organic traffic

Better search rankings
on industry keywords

more leads from
website traffic

what we did

  • Conducted a comprehensive site audit focusing on internal site issues.
  • Ran a detailed analysis of current online content.
  • Identified ranking opportunities though thorough keyword analysis.  
  • Implemented major changes to the back end of the site.
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time frame and target audience

Our timeframe was four months from start to assessment. Our audience was small and mid-sized businesses in East Tennessee. The focus of the campaign was non-profits, government agencies, healthcare companies, and financial services institutions.


We experienced quantifiable growth in the following areas:

  • The number of ranked keywords increased 4900%
  • The domain authority increased 47% (from 21 to 31)
  • Organic traffic increased 51%
  • Backlinks increased 9%
  • mozRank increased 10%
  • Time on site increased 80%