Session Duration
Increased 269.1%.

Organic Traffic
Increased 834%.

Ranked Keywords
Increased 84% within 6 month.

Website Design

The website was redesigned from scratch because of previous deficiencies with the old site in content, functionality, and conversion optimization. The client, Konexial, created an app that allows truck drivers to log their hours and miles electronically.

truck on the freeway with clean background.

Search Engine Optimization

The new site had to provide enough information for drivers and fleet managers to purchase or request more information, balancing clarity with strong calls-to-action. Our approach utilized a significant amount of competitor research, SEO implementation, and maintenance of their strong brand guidelines.

  • 1491% increase in organic traffic within 9 months
  • 2000% increase in domain authority
  • 28% increase in indexed content
  • 766% increase in indexed backlinks

Pay Per Click Advertising

Performance on Konexial display ads yielded a click-through rate 59% higher than the national average for display ads. The display ads cost was roughly 96% less expensive and provided valuable banding alternative to expensive search based queries.

Man standing in front of truck


Social Media Marketing

Konexial faced a major challenge when we began working with them: their competitors had massive followings and they were unknowns. Over the course of nine months, we substantially increased the number of followers to their page (5334%) but also now have an engagement rate (the percent of likes, comments, and shares, relative to the total number of page likes) that substantially outpaces all of their competitors.

  • $0.23-$0.30 Per link click
  • 3.75% – 5.87% Click through rate range
  • Additional 2500 Website clicks per month



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